Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group is for parents of teenagers and pre-teens who know things are “not quite right” but don’t know if they are really dealing with addiction, mental illness, or typical teen behavior. The group will meet the third Monday of each month at 7pm at the Momentum Center at 714 Columbus in Grand Haven, starting September 18th. The Parent Support Group is free and confidential and will be facilitated by Nicole Kubec, LMSW.

Nicole Kubec is the owner and therapist at Balance Therapy Services in Grand Haven.  Nicole is aware of the many issues facing adolescents today and the impact of mental illness on the entire family, including the struggles parents go through in trying to do what’s best for them. The Parent Support Group will provide a safe space for parents to voice questions, concerns, worries, and frustrations about what their teens are going through, while receiving guidance on ways to move forward.

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